Burkina Faso - FAO-EU Visibility Mission to Burkina Faso
18 May 2015
158 files
FAO-EU Visibility Mission to Burkina Faso
Sustainable Fisheries
18 May 2015
33 files
Fishing communities in Benin working with an experimental net, with larger mesh size that does not catch juvenile fish. Once these nets are accepted, they will then be sold to other neighboring fishing communities along the coast.
Central African Republic
Food Security in Central African Republic
18 May 2015
211 files
FAO Project: OSRO/RAF/010/SWE - Addressing HIV and Gender inequities through a food security and nutrition response in eastern and central Africa. FAO Project: OSRO/RAF/912/EC - Regional Cassava Initiative in support of vulnerable smallholders in eastern and central Africa. FAO Project: OSRO/RAF/105/FRA - Regional Emergency drought response Coordination for the Horn of Africa.
Food Security in Chad
18 May 2015
103 files
FAO Project TCP/CHD/3301: Support to integrated cassava production management. The objective of the project is to give technical support to the production and protection of cassava crops. The project serves for capacity building amongst villagers and to develop a cohesive community around the cultivation of improved varieties of cassava.
Continued support to basic food security to the rural communities most affected by climate change in Burkina Faso.
Sahel Crisis 2012
18 May 2015
40 files
OSRO/BKF/101/EC - Continued support to basic food security through the reinforcement of making available seeds at the rural community level most affected by climate change in Burkina Faso. Contributing to the improvement of food security to populations most affected by harsh climate changes through distribution and availability of improved seeds for rural market gardens.
Democratic Republic of Congo
European Union Food Facility and Purchase for Progress Project
18 May 2015
256 files
As part of the Purchase for Progress (P4P) Project, FAO supplies farmers with tools, seeds, and technical training to help them increase their production. FAO has also helped farmers organize farmers associations, build infrastructures (market pavilions and warehouses) and rehabilitated roads to help get produce to markets.
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Forestry and Agricultural Renovation in the DRC
18 May 2015
23 files
GCP/DRC/036/EC - Renovation of agricultural and forestry research in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The objective of the project deals with three main areas of intervention and identifies three operational elements to implement within the framework of a collective cooperative: financial, scientific and technical.
Democratic Republic of the Congo 2008
Food Security in the DRC
18 May 2015
91 files
GCP/DRC/028/BEL - Support project for the development of urban and peri-urban horticulture development (Phase I and Phase II).
Communication mission to FAO-RNE
18 May 2015
239 files
1. Rice straw management and conservation of environment (TCP/EGY/3102)~2. Regional Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programme in the Middle Eastern Countries (GTFS/REM/070/ITA)~3. Strengthening Avian Influenza Detection and Response (SAIDR) in Egypt (OSRO/EGY/701//USA)
FAO-EU Project in Ethiopia
18 May 2015
105 files
FAO Disaster Response and Rehabilitation Unit (DRRU) in Ethiopia FAO Project OSRO/ETH/904/CHA - Joint Emergency Flood Mitigation Action in four woredas of Amhara Regional State of Ethiopia. To save the lives and livelihoods of flood-affected households in Dembiya woreda of hte Amhara region through the provision of physical and biological flood-mitigation measures. FAO Project OSRO/ETH/909/NOR - Reducing the vulnerability of Afar pastoral and agro-pastoral communities to recurrent drought. The overall objective of the project is to reduce the vulnerability of the Afar pastoral and ago-pastoral communities to drought and climate change, through capacity-building, the promotion of appropriate technologies and the rehabilitation of key ecological resources through: -protecting 2750 HHs through an increased access to milk and/or additional income as a result of feed production and pod harvesting technologies assistance; -reducing the loss of pastoralist assets through building the capacities of the community and the regional veterinary services in a sustainable manner; and -providing water supplies to the pastoralists through the rehabilitation of water points and the efficient use of water resources. FAO Project OSRO/ETH/001/CHA - Livelihoods based drought emergency response in Afar Regional State, Ethiopia. The overall objectives of the action is to protect key livestock assets of vulnerable households and eventually increase milk for the children through supplementary feeding of lactating cattle and goats, animal health, and livestock destocking activities. FAO Project OSRO/ETH/902/BEL - Support to vulnerable households to improve food security through crop diversification and yield improvement in Ethiopia. To increase agricultural productivity and improve the livelihoods of 45 000 poor households through the provision of appropriate seeds and diversified planting materials in SNNPR, Tigray, Amhara, and Oromia regional states of Ethiopia. FAO Project GCP/ETH/077/AUS - Support to vulnerable households to improve food security and increase resilience to climatic and food price shocks through the provision of agricultural inputs and technical support to achieve crop diversification and yield improvement in Ethiopia. The overall objective of the project is to measurably improve food security of farmers through increased crop diversification and provision of appropriate inputs and technologies in four drought affected regions of Ethiopia.
Food Security through Commercialization of Agriculture (FSCA)
18 May 2015
79 files
FAO Project: GTFS/GAM/025/ITA - National Programme Food Security in The Gambia. Project Objective: Agricultural productivity, marketed output and incomes of project beneficiary farmer-based organizations and small scale agro-processors increased on a sustainable basis, resulting in improved livelihoods and food security.
Special Programme for Food Security
18 May 2015
22 files
UTF/GHA/027/GHA - Special Programme for Food Security Phase I. The Objectives are to increase smallholders' productivity and improve household food security at selected sites representing the different farming/irrigation systems through sustainable use of improved agriculture technologies; Develop management capacities of farmers and farmers associations; Demonstrate, test and adjust a process for assisting farmers to benefit from improved technology on a sustainable basis.
Development of Innovative Site-specific Integrated Animal Health Packages for the Rural Poor.
18 May 2015
47 files
FAO Project GCP/RAF/444/IFA - Development of Innovative Site-specific Integrated Animal Health Packages for the Rural Poor. Project objectives include: - Develop site-specific holistic animal health packages for the management and control of animal disease constraints/risks for improved livestock production and increased opportunities for rural development. - Improving food security and alleviating poverty. - Working in partnership with farmers and NARES, enhancing human resource and institutional capacity, in collaboration with investment projects.
7 Jun 2021
23 files
FAO project: GCP/GLO/710/UK - Engaging the food and agriculture sectors in sub-Saharan Africa and South and South-east Asia in the global efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance using a One Health approach - AMR Farmer Field School.
Kenya - FAO project GCP /KEN/087/ITA: Reducing Distress Migration Through Local Value Chain Development
7 Jun 2021
18 files
Kenya - FAO project: GCP/KEN/087/ITA - Reducing distress migration through local value chain development
7 Jun 2021
31 files
Kenya - OSRO/KEN/001/OCHA: Training National Youth Service officers on desert locust control. Desert Locust control operations in the Horn
11 Jun 2021
17 files
Kenya FAO Project: OSRO/GLO/001/CHA: Desert Locust control operations in the Horn of Africa to combat the outbreaks and prevent the impact of widespre
7 Jun 2021
21 files
18 May 2015
69 files
FAO-EU partnership: EU Food Facility to achieve food securityWith farming in steady decline in Lesotho and more than 350 000 people facing hunger, efforts to boost agricultural production over the long term and help the country achieve food security are crucial. With ?4 million from the European Union, FAO launched a two-year project in May 2009 to improve the food security of 36 300 vulnerable farming families. To help farmers increase food production during the main cropping seasons in 2009/2010 and 2010/2011, FAO is providing agricultural inputs to 35 700 households through Input Trade Fairs (ITFs).
Locust Control in Madagascar
18 May 2015
163 files
Swarms of locusts formed and spread in late April 2010, despite ground control efforts conducted by the National Locust Control Centre (Centre national antiacridien - CNA). In August 2010, in response to the seriousness of the outbreak and the severity of its effects on the upcoming crop season, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) urged the international community to support quick efforts to mount substantial control operations. Only through rapid assistance could FAO and partners prevent the situation from escalating into a humanitarian disaster.
Malawi 2008
Enhancing Food Security in Malawi
18 May 2015
81 files
GTFS/RAF/394/ITA - Enhancing food security in cassava-based farming systems in Malawi and Zambia.The objective of the project is to demonstrate approaches to increasing incomes and living standards of the small rural householders in selected areas of Malawi and Zambia through more profitable agricultural production systems, increased market access and value-added activities.
Desert Locust
18 May 2015
79 files
Desert Locusts cause severe crop damage in Mauritania.For more information: http://www.fao.org/newsroom/en/news/2004/51403/index.html
Artisinal Fisheries
18 May 2015
104 files
FAO Project: GCP/INT/028/SPA - GCP/INT/006/EC - CopeMed II: Cooordination to support fisheries management in the western and central Mediterranean. The Project will support national and regional fisheries management processes and will take advantage of the scientific multidisciplinary knowledge that was developed during the first phase.
Initiative for Soaring Food Prices and the FAO/EU Food Facility
18 May 2015
205 files
FAO Project: GCP /MOZ/099/EC - Boosting agricultural production and market linkages for small-holder farmers to counter soaring food prices. The overarching impact of the project as a whole is to enhance the food security and livelihood status of 30 000 farmers (150 000 people) in rural poor agricultural communities to buffer the effects of soaring food prices.
Sahel Crisis 2012
18 May 2015
119 files
OSRO/NER/107/CHA - Emergency assistance to vulnerable herders affected by 2011 fodder deficit. Secure small herders livelihood and their animal product in Tillab? and Tahoua.
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