18 May 2015
81 files
FAO Project: OSRO/BGD/801/SPA - Emergency Restoration of Livelihoods of Impoverished Households Living on Embankments and Affected by Cyclone Sidr. The overall objective of the Project is to make a significant contribution to the Government's livelihood protection and rehabilitation programme in the cyclone-affected areas through the replacement of assets lost or damaged by Cyclone Sidr. The anticipated impact of this will be a reduction in long-term vulnerability and enhanced protection of livelihoods of the poorest and most vulnerable households (i.e. the landless families residing on the embankments of rivers and canals) through the restoration of fisheries and small livestock production.~~Photos taken on an ISFP Multimedia Mission to Bangladesh.
Cambodia - Technical Support for Institutional and capacity enhancement on gender-sensitive fisheries management
8 Jun 2021
23 files
Tsunami 2005: Rebuilding Food Security in Indonesia
18 May 2015
193 files
Fisheries and agriculture in coastal areas were severely hit by the tsunami waves. Relief efforts must ensure that local farmers and fisher folk hit by the tsunamis receive all the assistance needed to cover their food needs and to restart farming and fishing as soon as possible. With international assistance, agriculture and fisheries should have the potential to recover from this catastrophe.
Capacity Building and Institutional Development for Participatory Natural Resources Management and Conservation in Forest Areas of Mongolia.
18 May 2015
265 files
In response to a request from the Ministry of Nature and Environment of Mongolia to support efforts to involve local populations in the sustainable management of its forests, this FAO project looks to stop and reverse the ongoing degradation of the country's forestry resources while contribuing to poverty alleviation through the development of a model of local level forest ecosystem management that can be replicated to other sites around the country.
Improving Access to Agricultural Production Inputs
18 May 2015
49 files
FAO project OSRO/NEP/806/CHA ISFP- Support to Improve Access to Agricultural Production Inputs and Support Services in Nepal.
Pakistan Floods
18 May 2015
24 files
Beginning in July 2010, heavy monsoon rains caused the most severe flooding in Pakistan?s history. FAO and its partners in the Agriculture Cluster are working to scale up response plans and funding requirements to meet the urgent needs of Pakistani farmers on time.
Pakistan - Generational Gaps and Eliminating Child Labour in Agriculture
7 Jun 2021
17 files
Pakistan 2
Pakistan floods - a year later
18 May 2015
83 files
The floods that struck Pakistan starting in July 2010 represented one of the most devastating natural disasters of our times, submerging almost one-fifth of the country. A year later, those efforts have proven successful. Today, thanks to FAO interventions under the international Floods Response Programme some 900 000 smallholder households - more than seven million people - are back on their feet again.
Southern Philippines climbs out of war: From arms to farms with FAO-Japan help.
18 May 2015
51 files
OSRO/PHI/501/JPN - Emergency rehabilitation of agri-based livelihood for disadvantaged farmers and returning internally displaced people in Mindanao. The general objective is to respond to the call of the Government of the Philippines (GOP) for assistance in bringing about food security in the rural households, especially the families most seriously affected by the crisis in Mindanao, with fervent hope that this will lead to long-term stability in the area.
Sri Lanka - Enhancing food security among the most vulnerable farm families in eastern Sri Lanka
Enhancing Food Security
18 May 2015
125 files
FAO Project GCP/SRL/059/EC - Enhancing food security among the most vulnerable farm families in eastern Sri Lanka. The overall objective of this project will be to restore and enhance agricultural production to ensure food security and improved nutrition for returning or recently resettled farming families in two districts of eastern Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka - Rinderpest Eradication
Surveillance for accreditation of freedom from Rinderpest
18 May 2015
81 files
FAO Project TCP/INT/3204 - Surveillance for accreditation of freedom from Rinderpest. To assist selected countries to obtain rinderpest infection-free status: Inter Regional Kazakhstan, Liberia, Sri Lanka.
After the tsunami 2005: Helping fishers and farmers get back to work
18 May 2015
78 files
FAO is providing direct assistance via governmental and non-governmental intermediaries to fishers and farmers through the delivery of repair kits and engine parts for fishing boats, fishing nets and other gear, seeds and farm tools, motorized paddy cultivators, and repair of irrigation and drainage infrastructure, as well as guidance, training and equipment to deal with salt water damage to farm land.
Viet Nam
National Forest Assessment (NFA)
18 May 2015
167 files
National Forest Assessment (NFA) Project: GCP/CLO/194/MUL FIN-VN - The objective of the assignment is to provide support to the implementation of the FAO Finland Forestry Programme/National Forest Assessment (NFA) project in Viet Nam, in order to obtain improvements in the quality and scope of socio-economic (SE) data and information to be collected within the next National Forest Inventory, Monitoring and Assessment Programme (NFIMAP), and serving better the national forest related socio-economic information needs for national and international decision making and reporting.
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